I am sure many people will agree that bloggin is fun. You can share idea and info with other people around the world, you can get new friends that visit and read your blog, and on the other side, you can get much information from others blog. Now, blogging will be more fun, because we paid to blog.

Write, post, and get pay! With BlogAdvertisingStore, we can do that. It’s a reincarnation from old version before. Hope will be better than before. If you interested, just register your blog, you can submit up to 5 blogs, and wait for approval from BAS. After get approval, your blogging activities will be more fun than before. You can reserve to do a paid review from BAS advertisers.

For your note, advertisers can have different requirement to accept blog that reserved their ad. We can see if our blogs qualified to reserved the ad through background color that appear after we login to the account. If its look greys, that means you available to reserve. If its look dark grey, your blog qualified but the reserved is full. Red color means the blog is not qualified to meet advertiser requirement. And

With BAS, we also can advertise website or blog to get much more visitor traffic. It is an Advertisements on the Brain. Your ad will not look as advertising, its look like publicity. As we know, publicity is more credible to readers than advertising. Your publisher, the blogs owner that registered on BAS, will write a review about your website or blog. A writing view of review will make that posting look more credible.

So, if you have a blog or several blogs, why don’t you join to BAS and get profit while blogging. You just do a thing that you like: writing, posting, and blogging. Then, BAS will send money to your PayPal account after reach minimal S$100. It’s just that easy. Let us blog for profit!

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