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There is much concern over the safety of kids and riding their bikes. From toddlers learning how to ride their first trike to a kid who is getting his first 2-wheel bike, many parents will be a little clueless on which bike for kids to purchase.

In this article, there will be lots of information on where to start looking for a safe bike for kids and what to look for. You won’t have to worry any longer knowing your child is going to be safe while having tons of fun and his or her new bike.

So, you are so excited to be buying a trike for your child. It’s one of those many first moments that you want to remember!  However, where do you go to buy one? How do you even know what to look for? There are so many different brands and companies trying to get you to buy theirs. They seem so genuine. However, you need to keep your eyes open for a few things when deciding when to buy your child’s first trike. There are Four things you want to look for. Which is, Durability, Size, Style, and Safety. Did you know size isn’t just important for the comfort of the child? It is also because as we all know, children grow at a rapid pace, so you’re going to want a trike that has an adjustable size seat that you can change as they grow. You will want a trike with a bucket seat. Why you ask? This will keep your child from falling sideways when making a turn.

Wow, now your child is off and ready for that big kid bike. They are so excited and you want to get right out there and purchase a new bike for them. However, stop and remember. We need to think safety here. Yes, your child is older now and knows how to ride a bike but there should still be safety issues you want to address to prevent anything from happening. Bike for kids preferably should be new. Many parents think since their child will outgrow them so fast, they will just go pick up a used one. However, you need to be careful on that. You want to make sure the handlebars are in good condition. They should not shift once tightened into place. Also, same goes for the seat. The size of your bike for kids should be accurately measured. When measuring, make sure your child’s feet are flat on the ground when on the bike. When pedaling, you will want to make sure the leg will reach the furthest point and should be bent slightly but however, now fully extended. The leg should definitely not be fully or mostly bent at the farthest reach. These are common indicators on letting you know if the bike is too small.

Now, where to buy your bike for kids? Honestly, anywhere sells a good selection of bikes. You will want to go to a store you know and trust. That way, you know they are being legit and not telling you what you want to hear so they make a sale. Just use the tips that you just read here. Always remember safety when choosing a bike for kids. Now, that you know the most common safety issues, your child can be peddling off in no time enjoying their new, exciting toy.

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