Among the newest innovations in air purifier is the charcoal air purifier. Also known as activated carbon air purifier, this device delivers function to absorb any gases and odors from the air. With various sizes available, the price of this device varies. The activated carbon itself refers to a form that is treated specifically with oxygen to open up millions of little pores in the carbon atoms. This new product of air purifier is proven to deliver better result than the previous models due to the fact it the charcoal’s tiny cells are not only porous but also able to hold and attract gases and odors.

Features of Charcoal Air Purifier

So, imagine you have this cool air purifier in your house while you are actually an active smoker. It is like having a special device that works for you to get rid of the bad gases and odors especially coming from your burning cigarettes. There is one thing to do you should do though when you have charcoal air purifier. You should replace the charcoal regularly. Depending on the intensity of work, the charcoal needs at least weeks to be replaced. It should be replaced when it is has absorbed enough gas. But don’t worry about the replacement cost because it is very affordable and easy to find in the market. Considering on how this device works, it certainly is different to HEPA air purifier.

Why You Need Air Purifier

Today, the portable air purifier and ionic air purifier is available. Some of them use charcoal while some other use different filters like HEPA filter. Regardless of what filter used, the air purifier is still an excellent addition to your house. What air purifier does is to make sure the air inside your house stays clean and easily breathable. It isn’t like using air freshener because the purifier does real work to keep the air clean. It removes any tiny particles that can cause damage to the lung and gets rid of bad odor and gas that makes people feeling uncomfortable.

So, in terms of choosing the right air purifier product to buy, there are some things to consider. For instance, consider the amount of odors and chemicals present inside your house. And consider the operating cost of the device including the replacement filter cost. All kinds of purifier do need cleaning and replacement once in a while so you need to be willing to handle the job.


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