After running around for Dreamhost coupon code, I finally found significant discounts on that very famous hosting. I was just looking for a discounted price to Dreamhost because according to some friends who use it, Dreamhost really reliable. Only, the price is relatively expensive.

I think, the price prevailing at DreamHost quite commensurate with excellent service provided. One friend suggested me to search first for DreamHost coupon code in order to obtain better prices. After searching through google, I finally get a coupon code at a discounted price of $ 97 or $ 51 for 1 year plan. The codeĀ  is YEAREND2010.

With that coupon code, I will get a discount price of $ 97 for two year hosting or more. That means I only pay $ 1.87 per month or $ 22.44 per year from the normal price $ 8.95 per month. With that very cheap price, I can enjoy the excellent service from Dreamhost as well as talk show from my friends about the greatness Dreamhost.

Okay, I’ll set aside money for this purpose. There is still enough time for coupon code is valid until the end of 2010.

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