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Send email to customers is not just click send button and have no idea about performance of those email. We need performance report, so we know exactly if we do right action or need to change strategy to maintenance our customers.

Success in business world often comes after we also success to maintenance our community, our clients, our members. But, maintenance members is not easy. Beside need good content and creative idea, we also need tools that will help us to easily doing email marketing services.

Many of us know exactly why email marketing is important. But for most small business or even mid-size and large organization, email marketing services look like rigid thing. A little mistake will make them not different with spammers. But if they do on a right way, the business can grow more faster and give potential increasing revenue.

This email marketing services allows us to easily tracks sends, opens, clicks, and more! They have many useful features such as subcription management, message scheduling, email marketing articles and resources, open and clicktrough tracking, bounce-back handling, spam check, autoresponder tool, more 300 templates, integrated surveying, etc. And all for just a small fee.

No wonder if they used by 46.860 customer right now, primaly by small business but also big company listed at Fortune 500 Companies like Ford, Bank of America, Nissan, and the phenomenal political campaigns of Barack Obama ‘08. Wanna try? We can get a 15 days free trial using this product.