Improving indoor air quality is the main task of portable Air Purifier which has now becoming common in houses especially in the cities. This device works to seal in pesky irritants and pollutants which is very beneficial for those having allergies and asthma. More purified air helps to ease asthma and allergies. Today, the air purifier devices available in the market are portable which makes a good feature. And, it only weights less than 20 pounds. It comes with handle and it can stand on either table or floor. HEPA is the latest technology used in most air purifier products. HEPA stands for high efficiency particular air which works to capture any ultrafine particles to keep the air clean.

HEPA Air Purifier

Yesterday, there was one not so good thing about HEPA air purifier. It was due to the fact that HEPA filter had to be annually replaced and it could be quite costly. But today, there is the new and more advanced HEPA technology that is cleanable. This way, the users do not need to spend money on buying new HEPA filter because they can clean it to make sure it stays clean. Despite of some cons or weaknesses of air purifier, this device still delivers huge help especially if the house in inhabited by persons who smoke.

Tips to Buy Air Purifier

Suppose you have decided to purchase air purifier and put it inside your house or apartment, you should be able to choose the right product. There are multiple things you should consider when purchasing. Operating cost is the first thing to consider. The portable models come with operating cost of more than $100 per month that includes electricity. If you want to reduce the cost, try finding devices with pre-filter so it can also work to capture large airborne particles to make sure there is no large particle trapped in HEPA filter as it can cause damage. This way, you have extended the life of your air purifier product.

Keeping the air purifier including charcoal air purifier clean is important. A dusty and clogged air purifier will not work well. Therefore, make sure to do the cleaning regularly and thoroughly. Do not worry about the cleaning work as it is easy and doesn’t take too much of your energy and time. Consider the quietness of the device when selecting. You certainly do not want to have noise device in your house, right? Therefore, make sure to select a quiet device for sake of efficiency.


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