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Many people can create a website,  however to create a website with a design that is capable of implementing the “3-5 second rule” is not easy. One that proved able to do so, and have a lot of clients are columbus website design firm, Green eSolutions.

greenesolutionsThe company has been operating for 14 years, quite a long time with a very good reputation. Green eSolutions believes that the website should have a better appearance than its competitors. By doing so, the website has the potential to achieve traffic and ranking on search engines better than competitors.

The important thing to consider in building a website “3-5 second rule” among others, using high resolution graphic design, of course, must be relevant to the theme built. The unique design will give added value to the visitor attraction. In addition, the website should consider incorporates responsive design. Visitors need to be comfortable in accessing the content of the website so that the message can be easily accepted.

Imagine “3-5 second rule” is a process of blind date. Our first impression of the date often determines whether that relationship will run longer or stop at once. And it occurs in less than 5 seconds! So, when visitors are not interested in your website in the first 5 seconds then he will leave your site and look for another website.


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