Bicycle is something that everyone must have. This particular vehicle can help you stay in shape. It also helps you travel around without causing pollution. Go cycling with your kids can help you to strengthen your relationship with them. If you don’t have this particular vehicle, you must get one now.

Types of bicycles

When you are shopping for bikes, you will be faced with choices of bicycles in choices of types, models, colors, and sizes. And the first thing to consider in choosing the right bike is the bicycle type. Here are some of the choices of non-traditional bicycle types that are available in the market.

- Balance bike
Balance bike for toddlers is a great replacement for tricycles. If your kids are about 18 months and you want to teach them to cycle, you must by them a balance bike. With this particular bike, your kids will be able to ride a bike by the time they are 3. This pedal-less will help your kids to balance on two wheels. Once they can balance on this bike, your kids will be able to have balance while pedaling a regular bike. Therefore, they don’t need training wheels to learn cycling.

- Folding bike
A folding bike is great and space saving. It is perfect for every one of all ages. You don’t need large space to store it because it can be folded. Therefore, it is great for college students who live in a dorm. Folding bike for college students can help them to commute around campus faster and esier.

- Tandem bike
This particular bike is build for two. It is perfect for you who love cycling with your family. With a tandem bike, you don’t need to yell if you want to communicate with your kids while cycling. In addition, it offers many advantages, such as faster and more stable.

- Mini BMX
A mini BMX bike is perfect for you who love to enjoy extreme sport. This particular bike allows you to perform various tricks at a skate park. This particular type of bike is available in colorful design.

- Electric bike
An electric bike offers you with many advantages. This battery powered bike can help you commute faster than traditional bike does. In consequence, it gives you more convenience and advantages. However, if the battery is damaged, you need to get new electric bike li-on battery to power you e-bike.

So, which one of the bikes above you want to buy?

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