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I have over 10 domains, each of which was built for various purposes, ranging from personal websites to commercial. For that, I need a reliable web hosting. But on the other hand, I also do not want to burden the cost of expenditure. Like most people, I want a service that is cheap but the facilities did not disappoint.

Actually, quite a lot of web hosting services available on the internet, probably amounts to millions of providers. But one by one to visit their website do not necessarily need a little time. I need a web hosting directory, a website that provides information about a number of web hosting services.

Not only provides a list of web hosting providers, they are also classified according to several categories that can allow visitors to get the service according to their needs. One category that I like this kind of directory is preparing a list of providers based on cost. When searching for under $5 unlimited web hosting services, you can get a lot of options.

Very helpful is not it?

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