A week ago, we celebrated our daughter birthday. She is our first baby, and this is her first year birthday. We invite some relatives to come to our home, and celebrate my daughter special day. I take some pictures, and also record this special time with my handycam. My little baby looks happy, kids sing happy birthday song, and we blew the candle. It’s a happy time.

After the day is over, we take a look back to pictures and videos. There is a lot of happy and funny things, and we want to share that moment to others. “We should make a blog for our baby,” my wife said. I agree with my wife idea, and start to prepare the content for the blog, especially about her first birthday.

Then, I try to search blog hosting that has rich features. Text and picture are very common on blog, some blogger even prefer use other site than their blog site to upload photos. They do that because the blog hosting don’t have an easy way to organize photos. But I’m not only want upload photos, I want to upload some videos also. Search engine direct me to Thoughts.com

It’s not hard to find Thoughts, many people has join and happy to use their features. I can create a blog at thoughts. They also offer the ability fo create photo albums. This feature make the visitor to our blog have a simple navigation to see all the photo that I uploaded. Not only that, we also can upload videos under one Thoughts’ control panel. It’s very easy to use.  We can put our happy baby videos on there. Thoughts also has upload podcasts service. All is yours for free!

Beside have wonderful blogging features, Thoughts also has social networking tools. We can create polls, discussion forums, and tool to connect us to our friends. If our friends make some update, Thoughts will automatically tell us.

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