Global warming is an issue most talked about in the world at this time. Damage to the natural conditions that occurs due to many things, including human behavior itself, trigger conditions worsen global warming. Various solutions to address global warming is now fought in various countries.

One solution is to fight for renewable energy utilization, including creating a technology that can produce biosolids. Why biosolids valuable? It’s contain valuable organic matter, plant nutrients and biological activity. In raw form biosolids have been used to supplement commercial fertilizers by the farming industry for decades. Today, we treat biosolids further to remove harmful pathogens. By safely returning the nutrients that were taken up by plants to the land, biosolids complete the organic recycling circle. Agriculture benefits from the return of these valuable nutrients and organics.

Anyway, biosolids, also known as sewage sludge, are the residual solids left over after the treatment of municipal wastewater. This is one form of alternative energy by using waste for energy. One of the leading companies that I know are very concerned about this is N-Viro International Corporation. They develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert wastewater sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value.

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