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Make money online has to be my interest recently. By blogging, I try to get some online earning from internet activities. Until this day, I have success got several dollar, not too much but enough to make me smile. To get more money, I am not tired to search articles relevant to online earning, read it, and take some action from what I have learned.

This day, I find good article resources about business online. I got new learning because one of article say that a website directory is not a search engine, and the right directory can really help you increase your web traffic.

Everyone, including me, knows about submitting website to search engines, and most business owners are familiar with the concept of optimizing website content so that search engines find your site more often. However, one of the other effective ways of getting your website noticed by the vast amount of internet users is to submit your website to a website directory.

There are a few ways that you can improve your standing in a web directory. Some web directories allow you to purchase premium placement on their listings that can help to guarantee you improved exposure. Other web directories have a bidding system where the various website owners pledge bids to see who will reach the highest on the directory listing.

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