Why we need to convert word to PDF files? The first reason is PDF files will allow users to view the format regardless of the word processor they use. It can be used, regardless whether it is a UNIX, Macintosh or Windows. Basically, PDF files transcends all technological barriers and is often regarded as an industry standard language document. As long as you have an Adobe Reader which is downloadble for free to read the PDF files, you will be able to read PDF files.

PDF files allow users to incorporate a myriad of graphics, images, fonts, charts and the likes into the document. With PDFconverted help, you can either allow it to be read by the public or make it confidential and readable by company staff and the likes. You can even password-protect it if you like so that no alterations by unauthorized parties are possible.

The above are among the many reasons to convert word to PDF format. Now you know, there is a user friendly PDF software to create a PDF file within 5 minutes! That software has been downloaded by more than 100.000 user. With this software, we can convert PDF to word documents also. If you need to split pages from PDF files, just extract and create a new PDF page with 2 clicks. Realy easy!

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